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Durable products for your roof with future

We value durability and sustainability in our products and in our partnerships with our customers. For our producers it is self-evident that they continue to develop their products, and to act with caution and foresight in the sense of an intact environment today. Many of our products have established a good ecological balance and preserve resources.

Sustainable Rhepanol and Rhenofol
According to the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of the Institut Bauen und Umwelt eV both roofing membrane systems Rhepanol and Rhenofol provide their valuable contribution to sustainability. They are not harmful for drinking water, plants and animals. Rhepanol is also free of PVC, plasticizers and halogenem fire.

Sustainable ExtruPol
ExtruPol is ecologically harmless and thus the environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. ExtruPol consists of a mixture Flexible poly-olefins (FPO), and is recyclable. It is suitable for water reservoirs, ponds, swimming pools and drinking water containers. Extrulpol is free of plasticizers, chlorine and heavy metals.

Sustainable Programs

The Vinyl Plus program
We are partners of Vinyl Plus program of the European PVC industry, with which we commit ourselves to Support and ensure a more sustainable production and use of the plastic PVC by 2020.

The recycling system ROOFCOLLECT
The idea behind it is “A second life for plastics.” In practice, we meet the requirements of our voluntary commitment with ROOFCOLLECT, by mechanically recycling plastic roofing sheets at the end of its use.

flat roof timber


A particular concern for us is to Combine flat roof Solutions with timber. What was not feasible due to building physics earlier, is finally possible because of new knowledge and technologies. In cooperation with the Wood Research Institute Austria we have launched a program that explores the behavior of wood in warm roof in conjunction with the flat roof.