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panels - For walls , roofs and doors


for walls, roofs and doors

Panels reduce the construction costs in new construction and renovation. They provide excellent thermal insulation and airtightness. Their use encourages quick progress and a good fire protection. We offer economical panels from eco-friendly materials of Europe’s leading manufacturers. Allesdach is your wholesaler and partner for panels.

panels as wall elements


  • Wall elements with visible fixing
  • wall elements with concealed fixing
  • Wall elements for sophisticated solutions
  • Acoustic panels for walls and ceilings in the interior
  • Lichtplatten elements made of polycarbonate, combined with wall-elements

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  • panels with fastening and insulation
  • flat roof elements with internal insulation
  • Quarantined items in Special optics
  • light panel systems from polycarbonate

panels as insulating elements


  • Interior insulation for walls and ceilings
  • Exterior insulation for wall and roof
  • Cold store boxes

Advantages: food quality, hygienically safe, fire safety, insulation, vapor and air barrier, moisture barrier, easy to clean, walkable, lightweight construction, low energy consumption, health risks and extensive warranty, certified.

panels as door elements


  • Refrigerator doors, from 0 to -10 ° C
  • freezer doors, from 0 to -25 ° C
  • Operating room-hinged doors
  • Swing-doors

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  • Gutters
  • Prefabricated corners
  • fasteners
  • sealant
  • Accessories Aluminium
  • pilaster strip, hat profiles
  • light elements

Very Versatile


  • Industry & Production
  • Logistics and Transport
  • Office and Administration
  • municipality and authority
  • Business and Leisure
  • Hotels and hospitals
  • Social housing