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Our Service


Our flexible service team offers the complete solution from our expert advice to punctual delivery and on-site assistance. In any event, we will adapt to your individual needs and try to solve even the most difficult tasks.

Service for architects:
  • compatibility tests
  • evidence
  • drainage calculations
  • provision of standard tendering documents
  • Advice and assistance with special solutions
  • Support in building physics issues
  • Building physical evidence
  • U-value calculations
  • Gefälledämmpläne

Service for processors:
  • advice and support in all phases of construction
  • Free training combine theory and practice
  • awareness of current standards
  • Learn more about processing bases
  • Learn more about detailed drawings
  • We will see practical application of models for the design features
  • Training Certificate

2 days Complete seminar:
  • Windsogberechnungen
  • drainage calculations
  • Working out plans
  • quotation
  • Material requirement

Local service:
  • provide a teaching publisher if necessary
  • Support in the design work
  • roof inspections
  • issuing guarantee certificates

Service for builders:
  • Support in the planning
  • Ongoing advice
  • Need help finding the processor near you

data recording sheet suction (DOC)
data recording sheet Notes (DOC)
lo drainage (DOC)