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Extremely quiet – twice strong

With its unique multi-layer structure, the lightweight roof Twintile is as quiet as a tile roof. Other metal roofs or lightweight roofs cause annoying noise from rain and hail. Twintile limits this noise drastically and thus protects your nerves and those of your neighbors. Allesdach is your wholesaler and partner for Twintile.

Not louder than a tile:
The lightweight roof Twintile is even quieter than large-sized roofs made of clay, concrete or fiber cement. This is made possible by the multi-layer structure and the smaller size of the roof elements. Thus, the sound of classic roofing materials is achieved.

No strain noise:
The small-format roofing elements reduce the strain noise to a minimum, because the linear expansion of Twintile is compared with aluminum, only half as large.

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The unique multi-layer structure consists of two (twin) with aluzinc-finished steel plates, which are connected by a multilayered polymer film. We call this layer “noise and condensate stopper”. The multilayer structure also ensures extra stiffness and a stable walkability of the roof surface.

The noise and condensate stopper:
The noise and condensate stopper Twintile is as quiet as an ordinary roof tiles and reduces the formation of condensation in the under-roof by up to 90%.

Aluzinc protects better:
The aluzinc, with the double steel core is protected is about 6 times more resistant than a pure zinc or aluminum coating.

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Visually, the lightweight roof Twintile plays in the first division. It looks like a classic tiled roof and is not recognizable as a metal roof.

Environmentally friendly quality:
The powder coating is one of the best and most environmentally friendly powder coatings do not contain heavy metals worldwide. Thanks to decades of experience in the color Partners corresponds to the quality of the ink surface highest standards.

Durable quality:
The powder coating is produced according to ISO 9001, is UV-resistant and scratch-resistant. The non-porous surface repels dirt, maintenance-free and the colors look even after many years as new.

Not as a metal roof be seen:
By typical brick form the lightweight roof Twintile is not recognizable as a metal roof. Other metal roofs can be seen at their accessories visible fortified. The moldings of Twintile be fixed invisibly to the most vulnerable points. Laying in combination guarantees a harmonious appearance.

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Wind loads of hurricane strength or snow of more than one ton per square meter?
No problem for the unbreakable lightweight roof Twintile.

In any weather:
The special shape of the overlap region provides best protection even under extreme weather conditions. The variable mounting distance allows maximum safety during storms, heavy rain, snow, and Eisrückstau. In the tightness you get 30 years warranty. The double steel core provides additional protection against electromagnetic radiation from the outside.

Guaranteed unbreakable:
One of the main advantages over tiles is the resistance to fracture. In heavy hail, such as occurs in the summer, unfortunately, almost every year, Twintile is not broken.

Protection against condensation:
The multi-layer construction with the “noise and condensate stopper” reduced, in comparison to other metal roofs, the formation of condensate up to 90%.

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Light is more favorable:
Make it easier! Twintile weighs only 6 kg / m2. Therefore, you can save compared to other roofs, elaborate and expensive reinforcement of the roof structure.

Ideal for refurbishment:
In the case of a reorganization with Twintile in most cases extends the existing roof structure. These can be conveniently used. The appearance of your home is not changed during renovation because Twintile is not recognizable as a metal roof.

With a wide range of accessories and colors Twintile offers a solution for every roof from 8 °. Through our years of experience with Twintile we are certain: With its many advantages, it is the ideal solution!

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  • Extremely quiet
  • Extremely light
  • Shatterproof
  • Unique multilayer structure
  • condensate retardant
  • Double Steel Core
  • aluzinc alloy
  • Powder Painting
  • Non-porous surface
  • dirt resistant
  • Self-cleaning
  • Weatherproof
  • Classical roof form
  • Not recognizable as metal roof
  • Matte or Glossy
  • Ideal for renovating
  • Fast installation
  • Easy to use
  • Large Accessory diversity
  • For each roof from 8 °
  • Maintenance free
  • Patented
  • 30-year guarantee
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