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Durable, versatile, flexible

Allesdach is your wholesaler and partner for rooflights. Our durable products are ideally suited for roofing, skylights, cupolas and large-scale industrial glazing. The light board Carbo is almost unbreakable and available in many strengths and structures. It is hail resistant, shatter-proof, temperature-flexible, has a good thermal insulation and a good fire protection.

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Compared to other panels of the same thickness, which is 2.5 mm thick plate, light Smart can be more heavily loaded due to its hollow structure. With its many overlapping ways it is ideal for roofing of all kinds. The rooflights Greca with trapezoidal profile have proven to be the ideal solution for skylights and rounded covers. They are available in 2 structure-variants and fit laterally to each sandwich or trapezoidal profile roof.

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Powerful X-structure plates have proven to be best suited. Generously dimensioned glazing, covers or skylights are realized thanks to the modular system. The combination of light panels and mounting sprouts yields a self-supporting unit. The system is waterproof, insulating and resilient. It lets through a lot of light, offers protection against UV rays, resistant to shocks, hail, weather and extreme temperatures, affects self-extinguishing, is inexpensive to install and provides a 10 year warranty.

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The three-wall translucent panels fit perfectly with all standard fiber cement corrugated sheets and each curved cover with 3500 mm R.min.. The fully extruded shafts guarantee a fixed overlap in longitudinal and lateral directions. The sturdy light plate has high light transmission values, the load is optimally distributed, is resistant to shocks, weather, temperature differences and hail. It has good thermal insulation and can be inexpensively fitted with matching accessories.

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As the only dome light Coverban has a 5-walls structure, a variable thickness and a reinforced outer layer. The form is obtained directly by extrusion to obtain no microcracks. The material and the fastening and front end elements make the dome light insulating and resistant to weathering.


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