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Return to Nature - roofing sheets with root protection


Roofing membranes for green roofs

Whether extensive or intensive green roofs, new construction or renovation, from premium to economical – We offer the ideal green roof solution for every roof structure. The benefit of a green roof is the additional protection of the seal from heat, hail and UV radiation. Furthermore, a green roof contributes to noise insulation. AllesDach is your wholesaler and contact for green roofs. We will advise you about the possibilities, the construction, the plants and the costs.

The real green roof can only be Rhepanol HG

Rhepanol HG

The premium PIB green roof

For Rhepanol HG Rhepanol was optimized in terms of the hot-air welding behavior (H) and was reinforced with a glass fleece (G). The result is the premium PIB roofing membrane with a perfect root protection! Even stubborn roots fail to Rhepanol HG. All seams are homogeneously weldable and without further sealing resistant to roots and permanently waterproof.


  • Waterproofing and root barrier in one
  • Root- and rhizome resistent according to the FLL process
  • For intensive and extensive green roofs
  • Dimensionally stable due to glass fleece
  • Compatible with the large Rhepanol system
  • Free of plasticizers or heavy metals
  • Highly resistant to perforations
  • For new construction and renovation
  • Compatible with bitumen
  • outstanding ecological profile
  • Optimized System Accessories
  • homogeneously weldable

Ecological model on the roof

ExtruPol M

The all-FPO green roof

ExtruPol M is ecologically harmless and therefore the environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. ExtruPol M consists of a mixture of Flexible poly-olefins (FPO) and is successful in the market since 1990. ExtruPol M is available in many colors and can be processed throughout the year, it is well suited for potable water tanks and pools. ExtruPol can be welded homogeneously by hot air and is resistant to roots, rhizomes, UV and ozone.


  • Durable quality, since 1990 on the market
  • Good flatness and stability
  • Root resistant, cold-resistant
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable
  • Free of softeners, chlorine and heavy metals
  • Suitable for potable water
  • Fast installation without pretreatment
  • homogeneously welded

The economic green roof


The economic PVC green roof

The economical solution for green roofs including root protection. A shrink-free and root-resistant glass fleece reinforcement provides the necessary strength and durability. Therefore ideal for green roofs, which are also used as a terrace.


  • For Commercial, Office and Industrial construction
  • For reinforced concrete or aerated concrete
  • For wooden structures
  • For steel profiled sheets
  • For hot or cold roofs
  • For laying with ballast
  • For the mechanical attachment without load
  • Wide range of system accessories

Return to Nature - roofing sheets with root protection


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