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Flachdach Rhepanol - die premium PIB-Dachbahn

FLAT ROOF Rhepanol

The premium PIB roofing membrane

Rhepanol is the oldest, worldwide-known premium roofing membrane from German production. If you want the best, then Rhepanol. Rhepanol consists of PIB (poly-iso-butylene) and is free of PVC and plasticizers. AllesDach is your wholesaler and contact for Rhepanol in Austria.

Extreme quality:
30 years old Rhepanol exceeds all requirements that are placed on a new roofing membrane! This has been validated from the material testing institute of Darmstadt. Even if it is laid directly on old bitumen for renovation purposes , it is still fully operational after 30 years of rain, snow, hail, heat and cold!

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The prefabricated sealing edge provides a quick and secure seam connection without flame, hot air or adhesive. Simply roll the roofing membrane, clean the seam, remove the protective tape and roll. 1 – 2 – 3 – sealed! The 1 mm thick, tear-resistant special fleece protects the underside, is permeable and allows innovative fixation on the Velcro strip to the subfloor.

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For the new building:
Treat yourself to all options when planning and your building with the Premium roofing membrane Rhepanol. No matter what design your new building will have, we are sure: Rhepanol will meet your highest expectations.

For the renovation:
Rhepanol is permanent bitumen-compatible and can be installed directly over old bitumen membranes without release liners. You can use it to save the costly clearing of the old roof.

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After decades of knowledge and experience in production and installation Rhepanol has become a complete system that facilitates your work enormously. From the prefabricated corners to the appropriate installation parts, all details were optimized. The system is perfected through the large range of accessories with connection plates, drainage components, special-adhesives and much more.

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Over 90 million square meters of Rhepanol have already been laid worldwide. This is because Rhepanol is universally suitable for all laying methods – also for the unique installation in Velcro system, which we recommend for larger roof areas. Rhepanol FK: for all laying methods except green roof. Rhepanol HG: vegetated, gravelled or utilized roofs

1. Laying in Velcro System:
The roofing membrane with its fleece on the underside is rolled on the Velcro strips and is thereby mechanically fastened and permanently fixed. The advantage is that the roofing membrane surface remains separated from the lower layers. Their movements can not affect the roofing membrane.

2. Loose laying with ballast:
By laying the roofing membrane loosely it remains seperate from the lower layers. The ballast ensures that the membrane stays in place.

3. Adhesive Laying:
The mobility of the roofing membrane is largely retained when laid with adhesives.

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  • More than 50 years experience
  • Made in Germany
  • Long time-tested premium quality
  • Global trust in Rhepanol
  • worldwide 90 million laid square meters
  • Suitable for all types of laying
  • Harmonized System Accessories
  • Durable, weather resistant
  • Durable UV-resistant
  • Permanently Hail-resistant
  • Permanently compatible with bitumen
  • Permanently flexible down to -60 ° C
  • Free of PVC
  • Phthalate free
  • Free of halogenem fire protection
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