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Flachdach Extrupol - Die färbige FPO-Dachbahn


The allround FPO roofing membrane

ExtruPol is the environmentally friendly alternative to PVC roofing membranes and universally suitable for all buildings, renovations, waterproofing, ponds and pools. ExtruPol consists of a mixture Flexible poly-olefins (FPO), is successful in the market since 1990 and can be well processed all year round. AllesDach is your wholesaler and contact for ExtruPol.

Flat roof ExtruPol - Suitable for all roof types


With ExtruPol a roofing and waterproofing membrane becomes a design element. Set color accents to your roof. ExtruPol also gives swimming pools a beautiful blue background. Or incorporate a green waterproofing membrane in a green roof, visually unobtrusive.

ExtruPol M: mechanically fastened or ballasted. ExtruPol MK: mechanically fastened at higher wind suction.

For all building and construction, foundation waterproofing, water reservoirs and ponds, swimming pools, renovations and tunnels. ExtruPol products are consistent in their properties with the relevant DIN and European standards. The ExtruPol roofing and waterproofing membranes are monitored according to DIN EN 13956.

Flat roof ExtruPol - all year easy processing


ExtruPol is year-round homogeneously welded without special seam preparation. Neither there are chemical cleaners needed, nor you have to roughen the seam mechanically. For loose laying the membrane can be covered with gravel or plates or serving as a base for a green roof.
Even easier and faster to install are the self-adhesive ExtruPol KSK-membranes. With a special adhesive layer on the back these membranes can be laid up to 50% faster at optimal conditions. This saves time and money!

Matching accessories:
Another work relief is offered by a wide selection of pre-formed accessories – they provide a secure seal in problem areas such as corners and outflows.

Flat roof ExtruPol - The colored FPO roofing membrane


  • Eco-friendly quality
  • homogeneously welded
  • No chemical cleaning seam
  • No pre-treatment necessary
  • fast processing
  • Single-layer routing
  • Since 1990, successful in the market
  • weatherproof
  • cold-resistant
  • ozone resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • root hard
  • Phthalate free
  • Free of chlorine
  • Free of heavy metals
  • For potable water tanks and pools
  • Good flatness and stability
  • Extensive system accessories
  • recyclable

Flat roof ExtruPol - For potable water tanks and pools


Datenblatt Extrupol M
Datenblatt Extrupol MK
Systemdach Extrupol
Dampfsperrbahn bituminös selbstklebend
Dampfsperrbahn bitumenfrei selbstklebend
Leistungserklärung ExtruPol 1,5 M
Leistungserklärung ExtruPol 1,5 MK
Leistungserklärung ExtruPol 1,8 M
Leistungserklärung ExtruPol 1,8 MK
Leistungserklärung ExtruPol 2,0 M
Leistungserklärung Extrupol 2,0 MK
Leistungserklärung Extrupol 2,1 F
Leistungserklärung Extrupol 2,3 F
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