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Flachdachzubehör VarioGully


Practical and professional

Our proven flat roof accessories from leading manufacturers will facilitate the daily work and provide a professional and durable installation. AllesDach is your wholesaler and manufacturer of flat roof accessories.

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Original FDT drainage
Drains and emergency drains
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A non-functioning drainage on a flat roof can be disastrous. The damage can range from a wetted wall up to a collapsed roof. With our drainage components everything is on the right track. Available in addition to the already known VarioGully System: rainwater inlet, water spouts and emergency overflows. The use of in- and overflows is particularly useful for small areas, renovations and in special cases.

Flat Roof Venting Accessories



Flat roof accessories moldings

Moldings, Feedthroughs

We want to increase the security of processing and offer a range of moldings that simplify installation and improve the result.

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PVC plate, universal screw, aerated concrete screw, extension element, gasket, plugs, mounting adapter.

Field mounting and solar mounting

Hot air welding equipment and accessories


For the welding of roofing membranes – reliable and user-friendly: Electric fan equipment for plastic welding, shrink, forming, drying, heat and solder.

Vapor barriers, mats, protective layers


A flat roof is only as good as it allows the layer structure. Apart from the roofing membrane the overlying or underlying layers are also crucial. Thus, a tear-resistant synthetic fleece can be used as protective layer as well as it can be used as a separating layer.

Protective layers e.g. hold  a gravel bed at a safe distance. The fire protection layer, which is drawn in between the roofing membrane and polystyrene insulation protects against flying sparks and radiant heat. This special flame-retardant fiberglass mesh does verifiably not rot.

Adhesives, cleaners, solventwelding agents

Adhesives, cleaners, solventwelding agents

Best adhesion to specific substrates such as concrete are enable by double-sided self-adhesive sealing tapes and various liquid adhesive system. They allow the roofing membrane to be placed securely on a variety of substrates.

Kiesbefestigung, Schneefangsysteme

gravel stop profiles, Snow retention systems

Stable maintenance of gravel layers on flat roofs. No pebble passes our solutions. Strong defenses hold back the ballast. Robust it battles against the mass. The staying power of the gravel stop profile arises from its excellent structural properties. If the ballast creates pressure, it is passed directly into the ground via the mounting bracket.

No sign of deterioration: The snow bar is made ??of stainless steel and therefore remains in top condition – even after decades. The stainless steel solution deserves highest respect not only because of its defensive strength, but also because of its squeaky clean look.

Folienbleche, Halteprofile, Dachrandprofile

Connection plates, retainers, Roof edge profiles

A roof has corners and edges – these have to be processed perfectly. The professional processing of details, interpenetrations, connections and terminations in sum contribute to the longevity of a flat roof.

In order to make that detail work easier and more economically, we support processors with ready-made solutions and profiles. The galvanized metal composite panels are simultaneously raw material for profiles that can have very different applications: soffit boards with attached gutter, wall covering, wall flashings, roof edge profiles.

lightning protection

lightning protection

lightning protection

Fall protection

Fall protection

Fall protection