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For architects and planners

For architects and planners

Your creativity is important to us. Your designs and ideas are implemented quickly and cost-effectively with our solutions. Whether for new construction or renovation, or the topic Green Building, we provide advice and service from A to Z. With tenders and calculations, we help you to save time. Concerning changes in the construction plans, you can count on us – we face each new challenge reliably and by that thank you for your confidence.

Our tip: Rhepanol for new construction and renovation
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Our service for architects:

  • compatibility tests
  • Building physical evidence
  • drainage calculations
  • U-value calculations
  • Provision of standard tendering documents
  • Advice and assistance with special solutions
  • tapered insulation plans

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For processors

For processors

With AllesDach many things get easier: Just like you, our experienced staff knows the roofing business and tries to make work easier and more efficient for you. We are your partner when it comes to fulfilling the wishes of the architect or the client. Visit a free taster seminar and convince yourself of our durable and sustainable products.

Our service for processors:

  • Free training with certificate
  • Education about current standards
  • Exhibition of guarantee certificates
  • Information about processing basics
  • Application of models for detailed explanations
  • Wind uplift calculations, drainage calculations
  • Working out the plans and calculation of material requirements
  • Advice and support in all phases of construction
  • Providing a processing trainer if required
  • quotation
  • roof inspections

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Für Bauherren


With AllesDach you opt for a roof with a future. Take advantage of proven products, leading companies and highly trained fabricators. We answer your questions on the spot – with expertise and practical experience.

Whether new construction or renovation, we provide answers to all questions about your roof and assist you in planning. We discuss with you all benefits and additional potential uses of a flat roof, as well as our organic products.

Save your nerves and your wallet. We offer a complete package of sustainable products at a great price-performance ratio and expert advice. We also help you in finding a processor in your area.

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